The Blubble????

OK – me thinks this is really getting overheated, though I also believe the money is moving more smartly this time. But over on CNET there is a blog post about there being too many blogs about blogs and he is calling it the BLUBBLE.

1 – Just as the media is making inroads with niches (i.e. The Fly Fishing in Saltware channel) people who self-publish online (i.e. Blog) will create even more micro-niches (such as the former members of co-ed softball league championship dynasty who want to know what is happening with the team today)

2 – So an audience may only be 3 people, but they are 3 people who care.

3 – BLUBBLE? are you serious – please oh please don’t let this become a new buzzword

4 – Also, contributing to the rise of blogs are people, like myself, who post to 3 or more blogs for want of segmenting my audiences and making it easier for them to read what I consider important within a different context. On this blog, it is business strategy and trend related thoughts. On The Noble Pursuit it will be more focused on evangelizing that core idea.

Finally, I was debating on whether I would use MSN Spaces, LiveJournal, Bubbler, Yahoo 360 or Tribe for my personal journal but then again, I dont have much time to stay on top of the personal stuff as it is, so I am waiting them all out to see who advances best – Alex has certainly caught Tribe up with the Yahoo folks with the latest release of the Tribe profiles, so it is a tough call to pick a favorite, but Tribe and Yahoo 360 seem to have the best overall experiences.

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    To exhale through a submerged straw with vocal input.

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