Why I Blog…

I was asked by someone at Gnomedex (forgot his name unfortunately as I had a few beers) why I Blogged – I didnt really have an answer until a few mintes ago when it finally hit me…

I resisted sharing my professional Insytes for many years, trying to figure out how to apply them to new companies. But now I truly see that sharing such things with others, really truly is something that creates more value then it gives away. As Newton said, (paraphrasing) We stand where we are today on the shoulders of those who stood here before us – today more than ever, we also stand on the shoulders of our peers. That just makes sense to me on some guttural level and as such I am moved to do something about it. It still feels uneasy sharing important things that could make a competitive difference in my endeavours… but I also believe in the power of being a Lovecat, certain relevant aspects of living in a Transparent Society and the notion of a Fast Company in the Work 2.0 Economy. I have also seen how tithing in some form or another produces more wealth for the tither then the recipient. In the emerging world of the Wisdom economy, the broadest creators of value will be those who participate in sharing knowledge, developing Insytes, exchanging experiences and producing innovation. Those who collaborate well with others and have the best sources of wisdom are the leaders of tomorrow, forever expanding their own understanding of the world around them. I am pleased to be amongst such people here @ The CEO Bloggers Club – I look forward to watching our ranks go.

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