Going to hang with my Gnomies…

After hearing about it for the 3rd time in about a week, I decided today to max out one of the last credit cards and go to Seattle WA for Gnomedex – an event I had not even heard of till just 2 weeks ago. Looks as if there are a bunch of likeminded souls and future compadres I will meet there and also people to learn from – just my sort of conference.

What I am really hoping to get out of the trip though is a stronger connection with a couple of people I have just met and perhaps if I am really lucky, some partners to work on the new business with me – Insyytes . This is not yet online but if you made it here, the very least I can do is give you a sense of the problem I am trying to solve. This is a flash presentation which visually explains my simple view of the holistic knowledge system.

This is only the tip of the iceberg really. I have been working on the concept of conversational intelligence and customer knowledge management for the past 6 years almost – could be considered even longer, but those words only began representing my ideas around 1999. Around that time is when I first developed The Communications Strategy. The concept was previously known as The Customer Strategy but after many years of working with palmOne on partner related issues, realized a name change was in order. Go ahead and read about the origins of my current work and check out the flash – then let me know what you think or what questions you might have.

[INSYTES: PROF: gnomedex, the communications strategy, holistic knowledge system, conversation intelligence]

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