The Noble Pursuit has begun…

Those of you who really know me, know that I have a lot to say – some of which is truly insightful, innovative and incredible, some of which is simply a load of shit. Funny shit, but shit nonetheless. Regardless, I never hopped on the Blogosphere with my own thoughts, nor did I invest time in a personal web site until now.

I finally feel that it is time to leave the chaotic existence of alternately traveling in luxury and being stuck eating Ramen noodles to survive.

I finally feel that it is time for me to make a real, sincere, far-reaching mark on this world – to make sure I leave here having made the world just a bit better.

I finally feel that it is time for me to engage in my Noble Pursuit and begin the transformation of the heart of business.

I finally feel ready to share the knowledge I have garnered with the world at large.

While this post seems mostly harmless and mundane, it is much more than that – representing giant leaps forward in my personal development, professional development and spiritual development. Having repressed my inherent potential for so long, it feels great to be here, engaged in right action and right speech.

Watch out world, my spirit has been released….

With love,


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