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#CXDNow s1e2 – The Challenges to Overcome with Tom Illmensee from Prezi

#CXDNow - The Challenges to Overcome with Tom Illmensee of Prezi
Now that we have established the basics of Customer Experience Design, having talked with author Brian Solis, and IBM Journey Designer Product Manager Doug Foulds, we are going to start getting to more practical matters. In our next live Blab on Wednesday October 14 at noon PST, we will be talking with Tom Illmensee, the Director of User Experience and Design at Prezi. If you care about design, and great presentations, you know of Prezi, the dynamic visual storytelling tool that has transcended the typical boring slide show. So, it goes without saying that Tom is truly one of the masters in designing great experiences.

While we will certainly be tapping into his expertise to get some practical insights and advice, our focus for the next show in the series is going to focus on the challenges customer experience designers face. From selling the process to management, to coordinating teams, to making difficult decisions with little to no data and in particular in regards to the constant process of refinement that we must embrace to correct our mistaken assumptions. If you are striving to make CX part of your career path or simply trying to figure out how to bring CX into your organization’s processes around customer engagement and marketing, you must join us next Wednesday October 14, 2015 at noon PST.

Tom Illmensee – Bio

Tom Illmensee is the Director of User Experience and Design at Prezi, where he coaches user experience teams and fuels product innovation through design research. His 15-year journey in UX has covered wide territory: from a startup focused on philanthropy, to a software company helping people find service jobs, to an e-commerce giant and technology consulting. He’s even been a professional musician, preschool teacher, library clerk and cook. Along the way he has discovered new ways of collaborating and surprising paths to empathy. Tom has a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. He recently moved from Richmond, Virginia to Budapest, where he plays guitar entirely too loud, runs every day and refuses to shave.

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For more about the #CXDNow series, why I am doing it and where we are headed, read this background post.

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