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Interesting Job Post – NOT

Telemarketing office

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This just showed up in my inbox this AM for Social Media Jobs – check it out.


Scam Account
[email protected] INFO:
Online Data Entry Job
siliguri, westbengal, India ( Kathaltala, Sukantapally, Silig)

Join the real Ad Posting Program. We pay for every Ad posted by you,
whether we get response or not. Post as many Ads you can. Create your own
monthly income target. For more details E-mail us at
[email protected].  More Details Visit- .
Call us at  +91-XXXXXXXXXX / XXXXXXX666.

Wow – that is the job I want – posting ads into sites that don’t want them and getting paid.  That sounds even better then telemarketing… Wait, it is better then telemarketing because you don’t really need to interact with people.  This sucks.  It could be a growing trend – wait, it actually is as evidenced by some emails I received in error that were meant for someone else.

So what can be done about this?

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