A Few Anniversaries

I meant to write this up earlier in the week, but have been overwhelmed by the great response we have received from the latest Social Media Club announcements. There have been quite a few anniversaries lately, only one of which really got any attention, which was my first wedding anniversary with Kristie Wells-Heuer on July 7, 2008. Love you honey….

It was also the 2nd anniversary of the Social Media Club blog on Thursday July 10, 2008 and the 3rd anniversary of this blog on June 23, 2008 (though my official first post goes back to May 13, 2002 on a Movable Type install setup by my old friend David Pruitt – thanks buddy, if only I realized back then how cool this thing really way).

So I want to take a moment and revisit those first posts and a few others from early on, just to share some of the early thinking and writing with you to see if any of it has changed a bit…

Well, what do you think, anything interesting to note there, other than the fact that there are no comments on those posts?

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