What is it about Media???

In exploring the history of media, I have been struck by how often each era we enter has a tendency to call it something new – to call out the what’s different elements in order to distinguish it from what came before. Of course, as founder of Social Media Club, this is exactly what I have done as well – its not that I don’t think we should call it Social Media, its just that I want to understand what you think better.

Over the past few years, there are all kinds of ways we reference the “New” aspects of media. I am particularly wondering if you know of any sites where other people have discussed the differences and similarities and reasons for modifying our perspectives differently. Can you tell me the difference between:

1. New Media
2. Interactive Media
3. Social Media
4. Participatory Media
5. Conversational Media
6. Web Media

Any insights will be appreciated and will probably make it into the book…
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  1. #1 by Mary Ann Chick Whiteside - December 9th, 2007 at 18:30

    When my title was new media manager, I constantly had to explain that it wasn’t that I was new to the job. I also explained that it was only new media to an old media company like the newspaper I worked for…the job title refected our outreach in delivering information via phone, fax, gopher and later world wide web.

    Finally the title was switched to interactive media manager, partially to emphasize the importance of communication being a two-way street. (I picked up editing letters at the same time.)

    Now, one of the people taking over my job is a community conversation producer. It is a web title that our folks are adapting as part of a cultural shift. Emphasing print over other media no longer works for a succesful media company. Sometimes the way to affect change is with new new words, or language, to describe what you want people to do.

    Hope that helps

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