Huey’s Bachelor Party in Las Vegas with Roger Waters mid June

Miami_Holiday_Trip - 17.jpg Well, it’s been a tough couple of weeks, so this is going to be pretty good to get away for a couple of days with my best friend and a few other buddies (unsure who to invite really, so if you don’t hear from me on this don’t be offended). In fact, I will be heading to Vegas shortly after facilitating a workshop with FAST Search down in Los Angeles on the Future of Media June 14 (you should come to the conversation if you are in LA for Digital Hollywood, details will be posted again shortly after they are updated).

I was really pushing back on my buddies about not doing a bachelor party since it is near the wedding date, and I am getting worried about money etc… but seeing that we can have a fun time in Las Vegas with a few friends that is not all centered around gambling and sinning makes it much more interesting for me. In fact, seeing Roger Waters was playing there the weekend we spoke about going down was the real clincher for me, and for my buddy Scott. I last saw Waters play when I lived in DC back in 1999, with Scott, my big brother Zez and our buddy Beeber. That was one crazy night after a great day of golf, a BBQ and a limo to and from the show. If you are going to be in Vegas and want to see the show, I recommend you get some tickets from StubHub right away (though he is playing Oakland right afterwards if you aren’t in Vegas).

Of course, we can still go out afterwards and have a great time running around the city. I don’t gamble much, though do enjoy it occasionally – I am really looking forward to getting some golf in though as I have not had much chance to golf this past year as I would like – maybe do dinner at Joe’s Stone Crabs or Mortons. One thing is sure, it won’t be as crazy as that night we went to the MGM after Community 2.0 with Carfi, LeFever and Jake… Wish I could get my grandfather to come to Vegas or the Wedding to join us, but he won’t travel any more, just plain stubborn about it really… so instead it will be me and my best friend Scott and hopefully a few other good friends who can afford to travel and want to get away for a guy’s weekend.

For a while, I was thinking about doing something bigger like a BachelorCamp, but quickly realized I had no time or energy to put something together like that – no matter how much fun it would be – better off being with a handful of good close friends and making some new memories to last a lifetime…

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