Chris’ Pic o’ DaDay #3

Martini GlisteningThe sad thing, this is one of the worst tasting martini’s I ever had. You know how sometimes when you order a martini, the bartender has never had one and they use too much vermouth? Well this was not one of those times, it was worse. This was a situation where the Bar (in this case Bar of America in Truckee) tried to pass off the cheap vodka as a Belvedeere and it just tasted awful. I will never order another martini from them (and rarely go back there since the bartenders are typically so rude).

Fortuantely, it did provide a great photo, the solitary olive on a stick, with vodka legs slowly falling down the side of the glass and glistening perfectly. For a closer look, check out the Martini Glistening on Flickr…

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