OMG, MobiTV is the coolest client ever

I am pretty enthusiastic most of the time, but I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the demo I received today from MobiTV, who I am working with through Fleishman Hillard. Not only are the people and culture fun, smart and hip, but the stuff they are doing across multiple handsets with several different carriers is incredible. What I saw today in regards to their future releases just blew me away. Apparently, some of it was demoed at CES last year, but I won’t talk about the details, just to be on the safe side of the NDA.

MobiTV is completely focused on the user experience – working to deliver what real people want and need from their mobile television experience (and radio too). They understand what it truly means to be “user centric” more than any other company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This is exciting on so many levels, but most importantly for me personally, because I get to work with people I like on a product that is extraordinary in a market that is going to be huge. Better still, the San Francisco Fleishman Hillard team is top notch, and the strategy we are working on with MobiTV is truly creative and insightful.

This is the sort of company I wish my fiance Kristie was working for, because they are going to be one of the biggest players in the global media industry. If I were not so excited about what we are doing with Social Media Club and the other projects I am working on, I probably would join them myself. Then again, as I was discussing with Stowe Boyd and Todd Parsons earlier today, I am probably as unhireable as Stowe says he is…

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