Xposted Launches – New Way to Monetize your Blog

My friend Greg Narain has been working on a new service called Xposted (cross posted) that will play nicely with his Social Conference software called SyncPeople. I am now registered on BlogBurst as well as Xposted so it will be interesting to see how blog syndication will work out – I am particularly interested in some of the features that Greg will be adding in the near future we discussed the other day that will clearly push his service into the lead. One thing is for sure, Greg really ‘gets it’ in a big way and I hope all of our talk about working together in some way on SyncPeople comes to fruition.

There are not many company ideas that I hear about that I believe will be anything more substantial than a dotcom flameout – I am fortunate to be contributing in some small way to several companies that have real growth potential and staying power. SyncPeople, BuzzLogic, and D-BAM are just the tip of the new new economy from where I sit – and chances are you have never heard of them before, but that will be changing soon enough…

BTW – Greg will be presenting at DC 2.0 next Wednesday so check it out if you are in the DC area and join another emerging, cool community out in DC.

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  1. #1 by Gregory Narain - March 10th, 2006 at 11:41


    Thanks for signing up, for the vote of confidence, and all the guidance.

    Mostly, thanks for the patience as we figure out how to get this thing launched. Plenty of good to come.


    P.S. Congrats to you and Kristie!

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