Job Hunting Gets Tougher

From the looks of it, the people wanting to ensure ‘Equal Employment Opportunity’ (EEO) are really mucking things up for everyone, including the people they want to serve most. From this article on CNN Money, I was shocked to learn of the new requirements for both employers and job seekers which seem extremely confusing and difficult. Perhaps it is even not to ensure EEO, but rather to make it more difficult. Regardless, it is the exact sort of excessive regulation we should be striving to push out of government.

According to the article, one of the elements of the new regulations you need to watch closely concerns:

Keep your resume up-to-the-minute current. “The rules allow companies to pick a random pool of applicants by searching the job boards for ‘most recent’ qualified applicants,” Crispin [Gerry Crispin from CareerXRoads] notes. “In those cases, no one will even look at a resume that is more than two or three weeks old.” Yikes.

Hopefully, I won’t be searching for any ‘real’ jobs in the near future…

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