BrainJams: Are you more ‘Techie’ or less ‘Techie’

The BrainJams experiment looks to have a solid foundation for tomorrow. There are 65 people signed up on the Wiki (59 of which filled out the registration form) and a few others on Upcoming and a few more who have verbally said they will be there. Who knows what today may bring, but I am very happy and excited we are going to be able to pull this off once again and move forward with developing the BrainJams organization.

In addition to the Audioblog post from yesterday in which Andy Kaufman and I discuss what the day will look like, I wanted to point out what we are going to try to do with the morning one-on-one BrainJamming sessions. In essence we want to split the group into 2, with one being more techie and the other less techie. This is a hard distinction, as I am pretty techie, but not hardcore as I don’t write code. We are trying to use the answers people gave about the roles people play to do this better, but you will be able to self direct your path when you register.

Perhaps a better distinction is programmer/non-programmer. Given that the attendee diversity is an unknown, this may work really well for the first portion of the list and then get iffy in the middle and towards the end. Regardless, my real goal is to try to ensure that the programmers of Brat Pack 2.0 dont meet with the other programmers of Brat Pack 2.0 so that everyone can expand their network horizon in new ways and get questions/feedback from people they don’t normally talk with.

One last thing. If you are going to give this experiment a try with us, we need you to be conscious that you must be committed to seeing it all the way through the morning. If you start and decide to ‘opt-out’ this creates a big organizational problem and hurts the other participants who won’t have someone to meet when they are supposed to be talking with you…

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