BrainJams Equipment Borrowing Requests for SAT

One of the things I was hoping we could do with BrainJams parallel with BarCamp is to create a simple who has what inventory of some of the equipment we could borrow for certain events so that people (like me 😉 don’t have to go out any buy something everytime they try to put one of these together.

For instance, at the moment I have available:

* 2 Easels
* an iBook G4 1ghz with iSight
* an old PC that needs work
* a couple of old monitors (biggies but clear)
* Legos
* A cheapie button maker and some parts

But we still need some things for the event, that perhaps other people might have and be able to let us borrow (with all due and proper care of course). It would be really great if we could find someone who has any of the following.

1 – A dedicated Mini-DV or HD video camera and tripod for shooting some of the main session stuff. It does not even need to be manned insomuch as set up to capture the main stage action, but if someone wants to volunteer for this that would be cool. We will buy the tapes as necessary, but if someone wants to donate, that would be great too!

2 – A Pro-Click Spiral Binding Machine

3 – An extra PC that could be setup in the registration area for people to create quick Vlog entries as they register.

4 – A machine that could be dedicated and connected to the audio system for piping in Pandora radio during breaks

5 – A really cool and easy to use button maker

6 – Tons of crayons

7 – ????

You get the idea I hope. If you have any of these things and can let us borrow it for the day, that would be great. As we get the organization developed and growing, we can hopefully have some of these things donated for us to use at all events by large corporations, but for now, this feels cool with me…

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