Web 2.1: What might the BrainJam look like?

I think the theme for the event is quite simply “Technology powers Web 2.0, People power Web 2.1” Bottom line is that Web 2.0 means too many things for too many people – I agree with Tim Bray on this to a certain extent, though I also believe there is power in language and some simplifying of big concepts can go a long way towards furthering progress. Dave Winer is right in his approach, though I disagree with his conclusion – Web 2.0 is not just RSS.

In contrast to BarCamp, this won’t be about coding as much as it is about using, creating and collaborating. Sharing is cool. Contributing is cooler.

So perhaps we come together to talk about what it is today, what we thought it was going to be and most importantly, what we want it to become.

What is Web 2.1?

  • Why it’s not 2.0
  • A vision for the future (my angle on this is in the post I wrote earlier today – about technologists and business people coming together and trusting one another, and developing valuable tools)
  • Things we want to see – ideas and projects, existing or imagined
  • How do we spread the word? How do we explain Blogging to the world? What efforts are going on now?

Now the thing is, I don’t want to set too much structure here. I just want enough so that the energy of the participants is concentrated on something that matters. Perhaps the idea of Web 2.1 is too soon – but as those of us in the software industry know – there is usually one team taking care of the improvements on the last version, and another working on the next release, so I personally don’t have a problem with the term in the proper context.

I think what differentiates this wave is that we can apply open source principles to everyday problems – whether it is a business idea, a non-profit, or just a personal passion, we can all come together to figure it out and move forward. Ultimately, I would like to produce a mindmap or something like it which everyone can contribute to…

Another important point – I had thought it might be cool to do some small co-brainJams in different cities, but realize this is going to be hard enough to coordinate locally – so rather than trying to go that route, it is probably best to let other people organize whatever they want to do, perhaps sharing the same themes, and participate via Skype and ICQ.

Keep the good ideas and positive vibes heading this way – it is making a difference already!

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