Katrina: Truth be told… state/local officials to blame?

Looks like more people are finding out the details of how the local and state government screwed over the citizens. Not racism by federal government, but incompetence and bad decision making on the state and local level.

Please read this CNN piece and watch the accompanying video

Even Jon Stewart took issue with Mayor Nagin. On The Daily Show last night they aired a clip called “The Little Fuckers” during which Tim Russert on Meet the Press asked Nagin why all of those school buses went unused. Nagin’s telling answer to the question – “that is an issue that will be debated” – Stewart’s reparte’ “most likely by whoever defeats me in the next mayoral race”.

In the same clip Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said that “most mayors in this country have a hard enough time getting their people to work on a sunny day, let alone trying to evacuate their city in the face of an oncoming storm”.

On Newsweek, there is a firsthand comprehensive account of how the disaster unraveled that is a must read for anyone worried about this issue. Included in this piece is a quote from someone in the Governor Blanco’s office that “She wouldn’t know the 82nd Airborne from the Harlem Boys’ Choir”