Blogging with my Gnomies…

While I don’t want to be just another voice in the crowd, I do want to chime in on Dave Winer’s keynote at Gnomedex. The way he is bringing outlining into the blogosphere is very similar to how I am thinking of applying the insights I used in forming my first company, which I briefly spoke about in my post how I got here.

But the OPML editor he showed is a really good first step towards the next generation which will enable more people to adopt this new form of communication and knowledge sharing. Better still, he realizes it needs to go a lot further to get this technology past the ‘tinkerer’ phase which it is in now. He also had one great quote in particular, which was that “user’s dont need to bring new features and ideas to him, they could go and recruit a developer to do it themselves”.

To a certain extent, I had the same idea with regards to The Communications Strategy. Rather than writing the book, I thought to myself “why not build it as software instead?” With the Conversal Communications System, I got about 50-60& of what I really wanted. Till now, I really thought I was abandoning that software (though I am using it as my core operational platform). Turns out, this is just the next generation of the vision for me – a logical extension arising from the incorporation of recent and emerging trends. And of course, instead of trying to sell into the enterprise, we will be providing the system to the people who get it.

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