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The Importance of Social Media – Please Read & Comment

If you have not found this article on the Importance of Social Media I posted as part of my Blog Orlando session, please take a few minutes to read through it and send me some feedback.  It seems to be striking a chord with people, especially since it contains my thoughts on where all of this social media stuff is headed.

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From the Florida road update…

I had hoped to be writing a lot more here and on the Social Media Club site, but being in the real world with so many wonderful people has really made it difficult to do so. Today I have been helping my best friend with his business, Trust Event Solutions, as he tries to make some important improvements in the way his company operates as well as 3 of my other clients, which I will be writing about separately. (1 is at DEMO today, so I am really bummed to not be there with them, but glad I can really start talking about the cool things they are doing once their pitch is over)

BlogOrlando_DisneyWorld - 59.jpgWell, gramps and I had a great time hanging out with our good friends from Blog Orlando on Saturday at Disney World. There is an entire set of photos I took of Disney World on Flickr – and another set of photos of the Blog Orlando conference. The greatest one for me personally though was this one of my grandfather. All day long I was concerned about him not having any real fun because even I found some of my favorite rides pretty boring now as an adult, but I was wrong as you can tell from this photo on hte Jungle Cruise that was taken late in the day. He was really smiling like that throughout most of the day, but I did not really notice until I was editing the photos last night because I was so concerned.

Josh Hallet did a great job organizing the BlogOrlando event and it seemed that everyone left having learned something and having made some new friendships. I certainly did and have much more to say about finally meeting Andrea Weckerle and David Parmet, who are both extremely insightful communications professionals who ‘get it’ and have a lot to share. Of course, I also got to hang out with Josh, Dave Coustan, Jeremey Harrington, Vlad Mazek, Andrew Odom, Mark Jaquith, Judson Collier and Disney expert John Frost (who gave us some great insider stories as we toured the kingdom on Saturday). I was also psyched to meet Tommy Duncan from Sticks of Fire, John from the Orlando Sentinnel and Gavin Hall from Emurse, but did not get enough time to really get to know them.

Tonight we are having our first Social Media Club meeting in Miami, with much thanks to Jason Baptiste of The Web Log Wire for hosting and helping organize the conversation. Since I need to leave shortly to get down to Coral Gables before traffic gets bad this afternoon, I need to cut this short and tell you the rest of the stories at another time. So much has happened that I have not written about, I am very excited to share these stories with you…


Web 2point2 – for those of us on the NOO list!

We have been thinking about it for a long time, but it is time to start doing the work and make this real. So this Sunday we are hosting a planning party over at our house with some beers and pizza and unconference strategy to figure out how we can blow the roof off the joint. Please RSVP for the party over on Upcoming if you plan to attend so we can make appropriate plans for beverages and food.

Given that we pulled off Web2point1 last year in less than a week, having 2 months of planning feels like a true luxury – we should all take advantage of the extra time to create a truly extraordinary event. Now that the conference for “that-phase-of-the-web-that-shall-happen-before-web-3.0 (no more, no less etc etc)” is now sold out, you have more reason than ever to join your colleagues for a bit of low cost, high value learning, networking and collaborating – unconference style.

Some of the details we have already worked out:

  • We have the dates! Thursday November 9 and Friday November 10
  • We have a venue! Much thanks to Nima Dilmaghani who has secured the Microsoft Conference Center at One Market in San Francisco (the same location as BarCamp San Francisco back in June)
  • We have a registration fee!  $3.29usd – with all fees and other participant donations going to Creative Commons.
  • We have some sponsors already! Microsoft, Joyent and my friends at Fleishman Hillard have already offered up their support, even though we have not finalized the sponsorship packages yet (that will be done on Sunday)
  • We are thinking about organizing the day in 2 main tracks (because there are 2 main rooms at the conference center and we want to offer an opportunity for newcomers to learn and for old-hands to dig deeper) – but this is why we want to have a party to talk about it some more – Open Space is fine and dandy, but I am thinking of this more along the lines of facilitated conversations and a few World Cafe‘s

So why are we doing this? Because hippy-crites like Tim O’Reilly who talk the big talk on open source, but hold all of these expensive, exclusive, invite only events need to see that there is another way.  Now, I have never had a problem with expensive and exclusive events really – if there is a market that is willing to pay for something that is fine, if you want to have a certain experience at your party, invite the people you think will create that sort of atmosphere.  But if the whole point of what you are doing is about being open and including more people, you need to find another way to do it.  Dave Winer spoke more eloquently about the problem O’Reilly is facing and it made me realize – I don’t need to and I don’t want to work with people who are so closed minded that anyone with a differing opinion is not allowed into the party.  I am an adult and I don’t need to sit at the cool kid’s table any more – I can sit with the good kid’s instead and I want to work with people who can disagree with one another’s ideas without being disagreeable.
You see, I didn’t realize that there was really a NOO list (Not-friends Of O’Reilly) until reading Dave’s post and talking to some other people who are in the know.  So I have not really spoken out about this because I thought there might still be some opportunities to work together with O’Reilly.  But seeing that there is probably no chance of this happening, I might as well write about why.
So last year, the night before Web 2point1, I was heading to the colors of Web 2.0 party with Will Pate when we hooked up with Chris Messina and some other folks for dinner.  It turned out that the other folkls were the people in charge of the Web 2.0 Conference.  We mentioned what we were doing the next day and before we could even order dinner, both of those people took off – suddenly remembering somewhere else they had to be.  Chris has been talking to them about running some BarCamps around OSCON or something, but I don’t know what if anything actually happened with that – I dont think anything really came of it since Chris did not get an invite to FOO Camp this year, but his other half Tara Hunt did (that is really pretty rude FOO folks).  Of course, that in and of itself says nothing and I may be wrongly assuming a connection there, but it just seemed odd.
So after the event I was reading this great Wired article on O’Reilly and I decided to write him an email to see if we might be able to talk – perhaps there was a way that we could work together since we shared so many things in common (other than me being cash poor and him having tons of it).  It seemed from the article that he was my sort of guy.  After all, I had met him and spoken with him on several occasions over the years and there are few people I don’t get along with.  In fact, at the Creative Commons launch during Etech a few years back, we had a long conversation about Open Source’s impact on the rest of society and its potential to influence collaboration in other industry’s.

Of course, he never responded. So I wrote again.  He never responded.  These were personal emails along the lines you would expect from me with all that flowery, spiritually aware goodness.

So I just figured he was busy and wrote it off.  I held out hope that we might be able to have a conversation some day and he could see that what we were doing with Web 2point1 and BrainJams was not anything against him or his companies, but instead it was FOR something. FOR finding another way of bringing people together to connect, learn and collaborate. Reading Dave Winer’s post though, I got the sense that it really did not matter and that I was just on the NOO list and would be relegated to it for life if that is really the way he thinks.

So let’s all of us on the NOO list, and everyone else who cares about the opportunity of this era come together and show them that it isnt all about the money – the point is still people!


Rent an Expert Event This Wednesday!

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I am excited and a iittle nervous about the Rent an Expert event this Wednesday July 19th starting at 530pm.  It still seems that a lot of other people have expressed interest in coming that are not on the Wiki – I don’t know if it is because they don’t have the password “yeswecan” or because they don’t know how to edit a Wiki or because they are not really coming but are being nice to me 🙂 Whatever, the reason, I will be there along with at least a couple dozen other good folks who want to share their expertise with others so it looks like this will be a very interesting experiment.

The brief overview of the night is that people like you will be able to set up shop at one of the tables in the room offering your expertise in 15 or 30 minute appointments, helping people learn or do anything that you want to offer.  Sessions can be one on one or perhaps even done in a small group setting if appropriate.  People will pay a minimum of $1 per 15 minute sessions but are encouraged to spend more if the value they received was high.  Throughout the evening, everyone in attendace will vote on which charity will receive the donation of all the money collected.  At the end of the night, all the money and votes will be tallied and we will announce which charity is the big winner.  Also, the person who collected the most money will win a copy of MindManager Pro from Mindjet!

So now we need a few volunteers and could really use one more last minute sponsor since the company we had hoped to donate additional wine fell through (or rather, we never heard back from them after initial interest).  Volunteers will help with signage, managing the appointments, helping people get oriented when they arrive, setting up the room and a little bit of the cleanup.  Those of you who can volunteer, please show up around 5pm.

We will mix and mingle from about 530-6pm.  At 6pm we will do a little kickoff and the first appointments/sessions will begin at 615pm, continuing through till about 8 at which time we will collect all the monies and tally up the winners.  Make sense?  Do you have an idea that will make it better?  Want to sponsor or volunteer?  email Kristie@ this

Much love and thanks to our sponsors, CNet, MindJet, Rate It All, Stormhoek and Social Media Club

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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Time to light the fire for Social Media Club!

We finally have everything together enough to actively begin promoting Social Media Club as we unveil a better explanation of our ideas behind it. If you have subscribed to this Blog to monitor our discussion as it relates to the New Media, or Social Media, Press Release format (aka hRelease), please note that I will be primarily talking about it at the Social Media Club Blog. Where all my related resources will also reside. I agreed to take on the role and push the community process forward in discussions with Tom Foremski because it is a key area of focus for Social Media Club – on initiatives that promote fundamental standards and ethics.

Please take a few moments to visit Social Media Club and read through my initial ideas for where I want this to go – more importantly, provide real feedback on what ideas are good and what sucks. If you are willing to support what we are trying to do, please do write a Blog post or do a podcast or a vlog about your thoughts and tag it with ‘socialmediaclub‘ so we can consider everyone’s ideas in the process. Please also realize that the plan is for us to use the ideas that are now on the site as a starting point for the conversation, not the end point – what we actually end up doing and how we focus the efforts of the community will be the result of conversations with the community and the actions of as yet unknown leaders.

OK, while there is still a lot to do, and probably always will be, at least it has finally started – and only about 2 weeks beyond when I hoped to be ready for the launch at Gnomedex. Well, now I finally need to get off to MashupCamp for the end of the day, so more to come later tonight..

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