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Is Social Media bad for the environment?

Sunset in JamaicaOdd question isn’t it?

I mean, surely Social Media is doing a lot for the cause, helping people spread the word via blogs, organize efforts and make everyone aware of our global climate crisis. Sarah Perez (love her stuff) even has a great post just today on How to Use Social Media for Social Change. Of course I agree, as evidenced by my early post on the Importance of Social Media and Amanda Chapel’s constant attacks against me (which I gleefully laugh at as he continues to give me more attention).

So what made me stop trying to fight my insomnia and get out of bed to write such a seemingly silly blog post at 430am this morning?

During the course of the work I have been doing with Intel lately, I have been researching the enterprise IT market and learning a lot about what they have been doing to reduce power consumption while maintaining performance across all there product lines. This CIO survey from March has some interesting details on “The Greening of IT”. It’s a very big and important topic for the industry and each of us. My friend Bill Kircos from Intel tells me that Intel is the largest buyer of reusable/renewable energy as ranked by the EPA (story on They are also extending their Greening Efforts across their operations in other important ways such as removing lead from their chips. Even my wife (Kristie Wells) is researching carbon offsets for her company Joyent.

At the same time, I have been thinking a lot about the big data portability issue (which I fully support) and whether or not the recent Facebook/Google challenge over Friend Connect might mean that we are seeing “The Twilight of the Open Web” (a topic of discussion for next months Social Media Club meeting in San Francisco – details to come).

In talking with some folks at the Executing Social Media conference last night, I mentioned this event idea and Nathan Gilliatt remarked we will always have some walled gardens and I replied with my standard “we can’t have walls, we need semi-permeable membranes”, meaning there needs to be some trust filter to keep the bad actors out and the good actors safe – which is the role Facebook claims to be playing in safegauding its users privacy from Friend Connect sites.

This is similar to the debate around Flickr and Zoomr and an open API for user portability which was basically about (paraphrasing) not allowing people to have all their data and photos transferred to a site where they may not be able to take it somewhere else in the future. As Stuart Butterfield said “we definitely should approve requests from direct competitors as long as they do the same … fair’s fair”. Or as Marc Canter infamously said at BloggerCon IV, “If you’re gonna suck, you gotta spit“.

Now look at the great and hugely popular service that FriendFeed and SocialThing are providing, a true value for sure, but it is duplicating, and in some cases tripling the amount of storage used for the same content.

Was also thinking about TubeMogul, which Tim Street mentioned during a session yesterday and which I also happen to love. It allows you to send your video to any and all of the video sharing sites you want all at once, saving us a great deal of time in distributing our video. Of course, there are also the people who take copies of it and upload it to other servers and other sites…

So these thoughts and discussions lead to me wondering about the impact that all of this data duplication we are creating with our Social Media is creating. Multiple hard drives, redundant systems, ultimately needing to head to a landfill or get partially recycled and replaced. Perhaps it is merely distributing the consumption we would have had anyway, but I have over 8,000 photos on Flickr and if I put them on Zoomr too that would be (@3MB each) 24 GB of extra storage space I am taking up on primary systems, plus backups – then the electricity to run it all.

Jake McKee talks about how he and his wife upload the same photos to their different Flickr accounts, what if they switched and then switched again. Of course, we also have a ton of different equipment we are using for creating and consuming media. Just today I had my M-Audio podcast rig, my Flip video camera, my phone and my iPod sitting in front of me next to my 3rd iBook/MacBook. The impact of manufacturing and disposal and power consumption of all this stuff we are using is just huge.

Of course, this is, most importantly, the method through which the whole of our society is improving, growing smarter and becoming more connected.

It’s obviously ok for the storage folks bottom lines and the power company and even me as a Social Media evangelist, but is Social Media bad for the environment? Shouldn’t we all be thinking more about Storage Conservation instead of Duplication?

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Social Media Breakfast in San Francisco

It looks like we are going to have a good turn out on Thursday morning for the Social Media Breakfast, but we would love to see you there too. Jeff Pulver will be in town as our host / guest / leader which makes this quite a special event.  If you didn’t see it, there was this great article on the event and Jeff’s Social Networking Toolkit in Fortune a few weeks ago called “Geography, social media and breakfast.”  Of course, Jeff has done a great job further expanding on an idea Bryan Person started last August in Boston.

Please do register for the Social Media Breakfast on Eventbrite if you are planning on coming so we can have a decent head count.  Breakfast is at the “world famous” Sears Diner by Union Square in San Francisco, where we will be meeting downstairs…  A big thanks to Cathryn Hrudicka of Creative Sage for helping to put this together with Jeff, and for being such a strong supporter in our community.

This is exactly the sort of thing we want to promote more of through Social Media Club, and was one of the community events we spoke about bringing into what we called the “Coalition of the Willing” at SxSW last week (more on that soon).


Social Media Jobs, Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Social Media JobsA few weeks ago I got an offer for one of the domains I own, then I got another, and another. Since they were all through brokers, except for one, I never really had a conversation with any of them to see what they might really be willing to pay, but I did realize I need to start doing something with all the domains I own. So I decided I should just go ahead and finally launch it myself rather than accepting the offer, which was around $1,000.

Fortunately, I remembered talking with JobThreads a year ago, which has since made their service much easier to use and much more friendlier to launch in this way. At the moment, and for the next month, job postings will be free, but after that I hope to start charging some fair fee. So that’s where you come in. What’s fair for a job posting site? Is the $75 Craigslist charges fair?

In the meantime, check it out and let me know what you think I should do to make it better…

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Help me help you. I need your input for my book.

Please take this survey to help me with my book – keep reading to find out why…
The Social Media PlaybookThere is a lot going on these days and a lot of different books being written about what’s happening, with an apparent emphasis on social media, communities and user generated content. As the founder of Social Media Club, it should be obvious that I am writing a book focused on the rise and importance of social media – to a large extent, I am writing that book, but as Doc Searls says, there is something of greater significance happening beneath the meme.
While I am still torn on the title of my book, it is now being envisioned as “The Social Media Playbook.” The goal for me is to help people understand the era we are now entering and enable professionals to maximize the effectiveness of their participation on behalf of the organizations they represent. For me, this is best seen through the framework of Look, Listen, Join, Lead. In that it is as much art as it is science though, the book will be peppered with PURPOSE – or rather, illustrating the answer to WHY through metaphor and real world stories.  Ultimately, social media is the spark that has ignited the movement towards the HUMANIZATION OF THE ENTERPRISE, which I will illuminate better over the coming weeks.
There is quite a bit to get done in the next 3 months, which is not a lot of time for 60,000 words – especially considering the problems I have with Repetitive Stress Injury, but it will be done. I will be revealing more details of the book very soon (within the week) along with my plans for leveraging the best practices of “social publishing” I have been researching, but I am torn on a few decisions we need to make, so would love to hear what you think is the most effective way to leverage social media in creating the book here in the comments, or even call me 408.834.0884
More urgently though, I am participating in a survey put together by David Brake of Content Connection together with entrepreneur extraordinaire Lon Safko to determine what you really know about Social Media and what you would like to understand more deeply. Receiving the gift of your time to take the survey, and better still, to pass it forward to others, would be a huge help in getting the right information into the book. There are a few iPod nano’s being given away as prizes, your responses/personal information will be kept private and your participation will be recognized appropriately.

Please take the survey here Please note that Lon is a friend, but not a co-author of my book – he is writing his own book on the subject from a different angle. It is an interesting situation, to be collaborating in this way on market research, but to essentially be competing for attention in the market once the books are published – I think of it as an experiment in co-creation and co-opetition, which in and of itself makes for an interesting case study…  Then again, this is just a more explicit expression of support similar to what I have been giving to others such as Paul Gillen, Geoff Livingston, David Meerman Scott, Shel Israel/Robert Scoble, David Weinbergber and Debie Weil.  I expect I will be doing the same with Charlene Li and Tara Hunt’s upcoming books – each of whom has a valuable perspective to be considered that helps us all move along in the right direction, which is my ultimate goal – to help make the world a better place by sharing what we know.
More to come very soon…


Chris Heuer Speaks: Social Media Workshop, Social Media Playbook

On November 7, 2007 Chris Heuer presented his thoughts on a book project at the Social Media Workshop in Austin, Texas. The presentation, “Social Media Playbook,” focuses on the principles underlying Chris’ book on the rise and significance of social media.

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Chris Heuer’s Upcoming Speaking / Travel

Wow – can’t believe how long this has been in draft mode – I am all over the place over the coming months – hopefully we can catch up at some point in person and chat over some chai tea perhaps?

Today and Tomorrow, I am in San Diego on a social networking panel with Geoff Livingston, author of Now is Gone. We are doing a podcast from my room overlooking the ocean very shortly… the panel is tomorrow morning for the CEA Industry Forum.

Next week I am in New York City from October 22-24. On Tuesday night (October 23) I am doing a Social Media Club talk on “Business is Personal (Again)” with Howard Greenstein and on Wednesday I am doing a short interactive session at the Social Media Summit. This is going to be one heckuva trip east. I will also be heading out to New York again the following week for a little networking shindig we are doing on Monday October 29 and will be available in the afternoon/evening for some quick meetings on Tuesday October 30.

I am also going to be down in Austin on November 5 & 6. We will be hosting a Social Media Club conversation on Monday November 5 and then hosting a paid Social Media Workshop all day on Tuesday November 6 sponsored by the great folks from Dell. If you are interested in attending the workshop, use my promo code CHRIS so that I can prove to the other great workshop leaders (Shel Israel, Connie Reece and Kami Huyse) that people actually read my blog! From Austin, I need to leave a few minutes early and head to the airport for an early morning speech with Marshall Kirkpatrick at BlogWorld & New Media Expo on November 7.

I am then attending the Society for New Communications Research Annual Symposium in Boston on December 5-6… Heading into next year, thanks to a recommendation from our good friend Shel Israel, I am speaking at Frost & Sullivan’s Sales and Marketing Mind Exchange.


Chris Heuer Speaks: Social Media Workshop, Starting the Conversation

Chris Heuer kicks off the Social Media Workshops with his presentation, “Listen.Join.Start.” This workshop, the first of the SMC series, took place in the Palo Alto lab of SAP on June 11, 2007.

Social Media Workshops are co-produced with local Social Media experts and international members from Social Media Club.  Instead of the typical conference program where organizers invite experts who travel at their own expense to share their knowledge for free, Social Media Club Workshops cover the travel expenses of member experts and shares 10% of the event profits with each workshop leader.

Check out the video and slide deck below:

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Heading to the Great Northwest…

By this time tomorrow morning I will be on a plane on my way to Portland, then Seattle on Wednesday and Vancouver on Thursday – just about a day in each city before flying back on Friday afternoon just in time for Chris and Kristie’s Wine-a-palooza Holiday Extravaganza. I have a few time slots to sit and chat if you are interested in saying hi. I am looking forward to seeing many of you on the road and many more here at my house later in the week…  More details are in this post I wrote over at Social Media Club on the NW Round Tables.


What a short long trip it’s been…

I am just so tired at the moment from the past two 14+ hour days here in DC, its hard to even write this short post.  Things are just hopping though, and I could not be happier – though I also reminded my big brother Zez tonight that we all need to be careful what we wish for, because sometime we get it.  In this case, it is all good, but there is not a lot of room for downtime or relaxation.

Last night there was just under 40 people at the Social Media Club DC Round Table – this was out of 40+ registrations and a few walk ins who were not on the list (thanks to everyone who let me know they could not make it.  As with most of these events, I got very few photos and we have one hour and forty five minutes of audio. Better still, about half the group went out to Buffalo Billiards by Dupont Circle afterwards where we continued the conversation over beers and some cheap good food.

I have so many links to post to the people I met, but I gotta get some sleep… Will write something more in depth tomorrow on the Social Media Club blog.

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Web 2point2 Site Live – Join Us

I have lots more to post there, but am starting to drag, so wanted to get out a quick post that says the Web 2point2 site is live, though without the main Blog posts I need to write still.  It has been a long day learning the new WordPress theme called Subtle from Glued Ideas (these folks rock – thanks for the great theme).  I was also getting deeper into some plugins and finding errors on other sites I manage that still need to be fixed.

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