Web 2.1: Final Accounting

It took a couple of extra days to put this together because of a few returns we made and a few things we had to mail out, but you can download the final accounting Excel Spreadsheet to see for yourself where it all went, or just read the summary below.

We took in a total of $2,593.86, spent $1,191.33, returned $171.63 worth of goods and paid $60.25 in PayPal fees.

This means we are able to donate $1,384.81 to the Internet Archive!

53 people paid for registrations via PayPal for a total of $129.10 which will be donated to the Creative Commons Fundraising Drive. This popped up on my radar after we had committed to make the primary donation to the Internet Archive. Since we really did not know if people were actually going to pay to register, and it was not required, we felt this was a good way to contribute to another good cause and still remain true to our promise.

At the moment we are awaiting a $500 check from KRON-4 due to problems I had with my QuickBooks in generating an invoice. We are also waiting for the funds to be transferred from PayPal into my bank account. Once these items are cleared up we will be writing both checks. Probably within a week or two at most.

A huge shout out to our patrons who made this all possible. My deepest gratitude to my logistics queen Kristie who put together the spreadsheet and left me with the simplest of tasks, telling everyone about it. Many thanks also to all the people who volunteered and those who are helping to organize the next one here in the Bay Area.

  1. #1 by Kirby Freeman - October 18th, 2005 at 20:54

    Hey – this wasn’t the point of your post – but should we (QuickBooks) have helped you? I’m a Product Manager (who does some work on our communities, so I do searches on QuickBooks and accounting) and would love to help.

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