Change and uncertainty

Was deep in thought earlier while getting a haircut, perhaps my first moment to take a breath really since the events of last week. I generally do a bit more refelction but the ideas are coming so fast now, and the conversation has become so engaging that I sometimes even forget to eat (last time it was like that was 1995 for me and my waistline proves it).

So what comes next for me is going to be a big change, no mattter which opportunity (or opportunities) I pursue. Funny thing is, I am not worrying about it. I am not even worrying about whether BrainJams is going to be something, or if other people think the idea behind Web 2.1 is ephenneral. I am finally getting to just be me. Sure there are other aspects of me that are not on public display at every moment, but generally speaking I am, as Rachel Murray mentioned the other day, a WYSIWYG sort of guy. While that frankness has occasionally gotten me in trouble, occasionally made me misunderstood and occasionally been harmful to myself financially, I can not imagine being any other way.

So as I sit here today, uncertain of what the future may bring, uncertain of which path I will choose over the coming weeks (though one I have already begun to walk – more on that later today) – I know that massive change lies before me and I welcome it with open arms. Change happens every day and we simply adapt – humans are perhaps one of the most (if not the most) adaptive species on the planet. It can feel unsettling of course, and it often affects many areas of your life simultaneously, but the sense of ‘change’ that is often troubling to people is mostly within our heads. For that reason, it can be something that prevents you from taking action, something that drives you to take action, or as I prefer, something I deal with as each moment comes and goes – attempting to be present in those moments rather than worrying about what may or may not happen.

During the early Internet years, my signature said it all:

    Look forward to dream,

      Look back to learn,

        Look at today and be.

Simple eh? Sometimes you just gotta believe and let go – the unvierse takes care of the rest.

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