Good Microsoft?

MS is making the format called “Simple List Extensions” available via a creative commons license. This is definitely something that should be easily leveraged by others – hopefully they will let others contribute to the core standards as they get built. The particular license they are using is to require contributors under attribution share license – the core of my ideals in limited source. This is a great thing, and something we can further point to as perhaps a shift in their perspective and attitude. I will continue to look for more real contributions over coming months.

Take a look at The Windows RSS Platform Architectural Overview of Simple List Extension specification

The head of IE development just said, “today is just the beginning of the conversation” – another person riding the cluetrain…

He also just said that “if the user accesses the feed (for an audioblog) through IE, it would feel like an IE experience – if you accessed it via Word, Word would feel like an audioblogging aggregator.”

Bob Wyman held Dean’s feet to the fire concerning Microsoft about how come they are ignoring existing standards bodies to put themselves at the point of origin for the next wave of stuff. His answer was really not very good – though he did use humor to defuse the serious nature. Bob is right, particularly in light of the fact that MS has this new standard and licensing format but did not have a community process figured out. On the spot, Scoble offered up a WIKI – shows that he really is one of the smartest people at Microsoft.

Audience member asked for proof that this isnt just ’embrace and extend lite’ and that the Death Star is really blown up.

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    “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”
    – Herman Melville

    RSS is the way of the Future…
    msn rss

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