Some key Insytes from Gnomedex

new media becomes citizen media

context is king (now more than ever)

audioblogs are the killer app because of the portability or headphones

sharing insytes in the commons is massively important to innovation

there are a lot of people doing the same sorts of things

bloggers are cool socially aware folks that your mother will like

we really are moving from a left brain to a right brain society

people with brain power will listen to anyone with a good idea

people with money power will listen to anyone with a rolex and armani suit

seattle has one of the coolest public libraries in the world

good people are everywhere, filling many different roles

Yahoo understands and is working with a version of my holsitic knowledge model

blogging is pr with candor – steve rubel

Microsoft may or may not be developing a community focused soul, but if the transparency from Scobel, Royal and others is allowed by MS today, the proverbial camel nose is in the tent…

the api is the UI

tinkerers are really cool – crafting is play

canadians are fun, nice folks

synaptivity is everywhere

some of the things I thought about traditional media and blogging are already being done

people have a lot of important stuff to say – I wonder what the world would be like if the people in power learn how to listen

and finally, I really love the people I have met – just the right sorts to do the right thing and change the world

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