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BrainJams3Dec2005 College Panel

4 Stanford undergraduates joined 60+ people in Menlo Park to discuss what they think about the latest technology, what they use and why. Noak Kagan from and did an exceptional job leading a sharp, insightful and entertaining conversation across generational boundaries. Thanks to Andy Kaufman for recording this session. This one is for you Tara

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Chris Heuer Speaks: Web 2.1, A BrainJam for the Rest of Us

Chris Heuer spoke at and co-organized the unconference Web 2.1 in October, 2005. The event is a half day unConference and networking event for discussing what Web 2.0 is, what it’s missing and what we want from Web 2.1. Chris served as an event organizer and speaker at this inaugural event.

A BrainJam is a new type of event (inspired by BarCamp, Gnomedex, TechCrunch BBQ and WebZine2005) that brings people from diverse backgrounds together to focus on a few key questions, sharing knowledge, collaborating, solving problems, demonstrating cool tools, networking and hopefully making the world a better place while having fun.

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