Business is Personal (Again?)

I have been meaning to post the video of this presentation along with the slides, but have not had time to edit, so here is the deck I have been using a lot lately – please send along comments and suggestions as I really want to improve this one again. I tried to embed it here, but SlideShare is breaking my CSS 🙁 Here is the presentation for you to review
So what do you think?

  1. #1 by Sherry Heyl - October 9th, 2007 at 17:24

    Hi Chris,

    I had the opportunity to see you present this deck at BlogOrlando and I could not take notes fast enough. Very important information for people to hear.

    Some additional compelling information is to show what this really means to the bottom line for the company. I know that feels impersonal again, but sometimes to get people’s attention we need to speak their language in their world.

    What I am starting to play with during my presentations is the value of the intangibles we have within our siloed walls. The knowledge and connections that can bring in deal and provide competitive advantage if we created a culture that was willing and able to share those connections. You touch upon this in your presentation at the beginning, but there is more. Something to the affect of communication with each other instead of going through processes like a robotic arm…

    I am still working this concept on my end, but would love to hear more from you about how tapping into relationships provide a competitive advantage. In reality, it always has…

  2. #2 by Brian Reich - October 10th, 2007 at 08:25

    Chris –

    Terrific presentation. I think people on the business side would benefit from seeing one, maybe two slides, that talk about the types of changes that need to be made within their organization to adapt to the model you outline. For example, instead of putting people into silos at their companies, you want to hire, train, and support employees who are flexible and can move as the audience moves. There are lots of examples like that.

    I actually wrote a book that addresses some of these topics — it drops in November, so I can only share little nuggets with you at the moment. But, if it would be helpful, I’d be happy to help you think through what one or two slides might look like. My book is available here (

    Anyway, great presentation. Thanks for sharing, and asking for thoughts.


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