Chris’ Pic o’ DaDay #4

Tahoe_Xmas - 12.jpgWow – am I really posting 4 times in one week on the same meme? Shows what a little perseverence and will power can do – now I only need to do the same sort of mental and emotional gymnastics in regards to my diet and exercise regimen and things will really start picking up. Which is kind of the subject of my Pic o’ DaDay #4 – FoodPorn!

Ok, it is not exactly food porn in the traditional sense, but it was quite a special meal.  This was the fist Christmas dinner I ever really had a chance to cook for Kristie and me (2006) – it was also the first time I ever cooked a Turkey, which actually came out quite good, though the top of the bird got a little bit dry due to the 30 minutes of extra cooking time for high elevation (Lake Tahoe).  The gravy it made was amazing, and the Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing was wonderful (but you need to get creative with the broth and the ingredients – finally a recipe secret I have that you don’t!).  It went really well with the Duckhorn Sauv Blanc, but would have gone better with the ZD Chardonnay if I did not forget it in the freezer for a quick chill that ruined it – DOH!
In the end though, the meal was good, but the company was better – my first Christmas alone with my honey pie.  Sorry future-mom-to-be for missing your holiday gathering this year, if you decide to forgive us, I am looking forward to another Wells’ family Christmas on the Oregon coast next year…

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