Tahoe Ski Lease Anyone?

Keep Tahoe BlueSo we have comitted to a Ski Lease in Lake Tahoe and it seems a couple of the people who committed with us are now not so comitted. We have 2 more spots we need to fill, so if you have any interest of getting in on a great little house in Tahoe Donner (north shore) with a great little group of fun people (including Chris Carfi’s Hat!), drop me a note and let me know. It costsĀ  around $1500 for the full winter season from beginning of December till the end of April.
I have been doing this for all the years I have lived in California – if you have not been a part of a Ski Lease yet and you live in the Bay Area, this is a must do sort of thing. When possible, I work from the house during the morning hours during the week and get a couple of hours in during the afternoon. We’ll see if we are still able to do that this year given all the work we have going, but I am hopeful….