Web 2point2 Sponsors???

I have talked with several of y’all about sponsoring and/or attending the upcoming Web 2point2 unconference (tag is web22 btw) happening on November 9 and 10, so now is the time to do something about it.  If you are still interested in sponsoring, please send me a note and a logo to one of my email addresses so I can include your support in the launched version of the site which I will most definitely be completing on Sunday.

You can also register for $32.95 (plus a small service charge) which includes a t-shirt, 2 lunches and access to the Web 2point2 Release Party, which will be a blowout on Thursday night November 9. Special thanks to Dave Winer who unbeknownst to me was on an email thread circulated by the lovely Miss Grace and who blogged about it on Scripting News, also becoming the first paying participant.  Nice.

His quote was perfect, embodying the true spirit of the event

“Like all the cool kids, I’ll be at Web 2.2, November 9-10 in San Francisco. Like the web, it’s open to everyone”

More details coming very soon, but please do know that space is limited, nothing I can do about physics…

  1. #1 by Jackie Danicki - October 7th, 2006 at 13:24

    I was seriously considering flying over for this, but I’ve got a US client visiting London at that time, so must stay put. I’ll be there in spirit, though – good luck!

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