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While I have been thinking about this and talking with many of you about this personally over the past month, we are now moving forward with our plans for re-organizing our efforts with BrainJams and moving forward with Social Media Club.  For the last few months, I have been thinking about this matter constantly – trying to tap into my true heart’s desire about what I wanted to do with my time and what purpose I was going to serve in the world with this work.  In fact, to give you a real sense of how long I have been thinking about this, I actually registered the Social Media Club domains back in March.

Now things are pretty clear, we are moving out and we will be announcing more about our plans over the coming days.  If you want to know more about why we are making this shift and what it really entails, I have a long post over on BrainJams that provides all the details.

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  1. #1 by Jon Gatrell - August 9th, 2008 at 09:34

    So this is when it all began. I’ve been waiting for a brainjam and I finally clicked the category to what it represented and found the decision point for SMC. Very cool.


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