Social Bookmarking Tools – Commoditization Continues

Steve Wrubel talks about the crazy, overheated Social Bookmarking space – he is right in that there are too many of these services out there and a shakeup is coming fast, but thinking that the game is over because Yahoo! bought delicious is really Ri.dic.u.lous

I don’t believe Google has even touched the market yet, but you can bet it will once things start to get shaken up. More importantly, some of the existing one’s will survive and thrive in consolidation. Pluck certainly has a vision for the bigger picture though the verdict is still out and they have not received wide spread recognition yet as I thought they should have had by now.

What it really comes down to once again is that all the talent is dispersed and competing instead of collaborating towards common goals. Though it is supposed to be about the work, the users and real values now, it is still about the money and the dreams of a big GYM buyout or perhaps even public exit… Unfortunately for them, and for us, this is something that 200 different, very weak brands with commodity products will never ever do.

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