Merry Christmas to all and to all a great life!

Been really struggling with what to say this year in my irregularly annual Christmas message. So many great and important things are happening in the world right now. Yet many of us carry a heavier heart when considering all of the not so great things that are going on as well. So many things that we would love to see made right, and so little of our effort available to help make it so. It all seems too overwhelming at times – so much though that we get caught in analysis paralysis, considering the thousands of possibilities for things to go wrong with different appraches.

But I know a secret which you also know deep down inside. We all have control over one thing that trumps this sense of overhwheling if we can only remember it is available to us. We have absolute, 100% control over ourselves and what we do with our focus and our energy in the present moment. In other words, we should not worry about what happened in the past, we can nor worry about what might happen in a far off distant future. Rather, learn from our past, imagine the best possible future and put all your efforts into making the most of this very second.

The most important thing each of us can do is to be present, awake and aware of each and every moment in our lives, be happy and make the most of it. I try to meditate in order to hone my ability to be present and pay attention, but it is hard. I will be trying harder in 2006 for sure. I may even try to get together with a small group of people to meditate together since I never did find a sangha that fit me.

I will also be investing more energy in what I do best, which is generating innovative ideas for new companies, new programs, new projects and other activities. Unlike in the past though, I will be giving many of them away here in my blog and tagging with ‘freeideas=chrisheuer‘, One of my latest realizations concerns the need to capture and share the ideas we generate more quickly, in their barely formed state. For if it is true that the universal consciousness does bubble up the same ideas in different forms in different places (like we have seen with people powered search during Q4) it is truly best to engage with those other people in conversation. It is even better when these same people can find a way to collaborate with one another by sharing their insytes and building upon them with even greater innovations.

It seems this is another aspect of what we are doing with BrainJams. It is also why I will be using my blog to give suggestions to companies for how they might improve – some unsolicited advice. It makes you wonder how different things might be if companies had a deep understanding of how to listen to the conversations people have about such things. It makes you wonder if it is even possible for them to listen and respond sometimes. These posts will be tagged with ‘suggestionbox:COMP_NAME=chrisheuer‘.

It just seems to me, that if I can be more present as I meet each moment of my life, bringing my whole self to each moment, that I could develop some understandings that would make things right in many small ways. So rather than being overwhelmed at the size of the task, I need to embrace each moment and take charge of my attention, connect with my true intention and take action in some way. Cumulatively, these small acts will make real impact.

Better still – as more people become connected wth the open web to also do these things. The power will be magnified a hundred fold. I am proud to say, “this is my Noble Pursuit“.

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