Newspapers Continue to lose Readers

I had read something about this the other day, and given that I blog, it really did not strike a chord (especially since the report came out after the Forbes “Attack of the Blogosphere” piece). Being the wired city that I live in, the 16% drop in circulation for the San Francisco Chronicle was the highest among the big 20.

I have probably picked up a daily 4 times in the past 2 years, and that was only in airports. This morning I noticed something strange while getting onto the Metro in D.C. which made me search out this report. There was a man standing next to the entrance of the Braddock Road station handing out newspapers and over half the people taking them. It turns out this is a new effort by the Washington Post to regain some of the 4% readership it lost. I don’t have time to research this further, but if anyone knows more details, please post a comment.

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