American Airlines Rocks

In stark contrast to my experience with US Airways on Friday, American Airline really understands what customer service is all about. Since I used to only fly American, perhaps that is why I was so frustrated with the people at US Airways the other day. I have to fly to DC this week as I mentioned, but Kristie and I also have a flight to Miami on FRI where we will spend the weekend visiting my grandfather and friends (yes, South Beach on SAT night till 5am, but let me get to the point here)

Now that my meeting is THUR afternoon in DC, I don’t want to be flying back across the country on TH night only to leave for Miami on FR morning. But since the ticket we have is international, I realized that I would never make it to Jamaica if I missed the opening leg of the flight. So I got on the phone with American Airline’s customer service. When the agent initially looked up alternatives to rebooking the flight through DC onto Miami on FR, the initial cost was $1,800 (approx $1,400 more than original ticket, plus the $100 change fee). WOAH! Way too much, I thought I might not be able to make it work.

But get this, she says to me “Hold on for a moment while I take this upstairs to see what they can do.” I did not even need to ask, she did not try to get me to buy that $1,800 ticket or anything. While waiting on hold, she checked back in with me every minute or so to let me know she was still waiting to get this resolved and to reassure me someone was working on it. How cool and nice of her – am so bummed I did not get her name.

After about 4 minutes or so (yes that is right, 4 minutes, not 40), she came back on the phone with me and told me they would be able to change my itinerary around and it would only cost $350 for the 2 new legs plus the standard change fee – this is actually less than what I had priced it at online for the same flights for SFO-DCA-MIA. I gave her my credit card and everything was done in less than 15 minutes!

Almost forgot one of the best parts – a real pet peeve I have is when entering my customer data for the CSR’s (or when they take it over the phone) most companies do not pass this to the next person providing service. American did just that. I verbally gave their computer voice input system my frequent flyer number, which was handed to the first rep and then on to the international desk. When she answered, she new my name and my number, making the whole thing that much easier.

What more can I say except American Airlines rocks and will always be my carrier of choice.

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