Thinking about attribution and accrediting origins of ideas…

As someone who is terrible at citing research in my posts I am acutely aware of this problem (mostly because I don’t index what I read well and because linking is still hard for most tools, though I am migrating to Ecto and perhaps Flock once stable). This is why I am often very careful in giving out props to people who have inspired the things I think about. I find the more people I talk to, the less this is happening – some people believe all ideas have been invented before – I believe that the perspective going into the sharing of the idea from a unique perspective can often be an original detivitive work.

But I dont want to get that technical with it – I just want to encourage people to give props out to others when they are inspired to a new idea… I will certainly be doing my best to do so as my blogging evolves. For instance, I still need to build a list of thanks to all the people who are helping organize the next BrainJam, which will be coming tomorrow after .

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