Web 2.1: Crazy, crazy idea

Odd chain of events but I saw a DVD Boxset of Sex in the City today, which somehow reminded me of speed dating, which made me think…

What if we did speed BrainJamming?

OK, so this may not be for tomorrow but could be a very interesting experiment and perhaps it should not be dismissed for the seeming silliness just offhand. Imagine the basic table setup of speed dating bur replace the table with a ‘soapbox’ where people who have something cool to talk about can introduce themselves and an issue they care about passionately. The other 1 or 2 people then offer suggestions or ideas or just ask clarifying questions to dig deeper and learn more about it. 5 minute rounds with everyone encouraged to share equally. especially those who normally would not speak up in a typical large conference.

Another alternative is where the same principle applies but the topic is pre-set by the participants. Questions like “What is Web 2.0?”, What is it missing? and what do we want from Web 2.1?

Hmmmm… see you shortly at Recovery 2.0