Web 2.1: 30 Registrations so far; After Party @ Cafe Royale

Just a quick note to say I have received 30 registrations so far (people actually paying the $2.80 to come via PayPal) and another dozen plus that I am expecting from direct conversations. If we get over 100 or so, we can potentially access a remote room or tie into the conference line feed. Or perhaps it can become its own Jam session focusing on a specific problem we all face – maybe Jam on a plan to create our own version of a “Switch” campaign to switch people from Web 1.0/2.0 to the simple to use Web 2.1 tools. It would be intended to educate people about social media, being a truthteller and recruiting more evangelists by empowering them to teach others the skills they need to have their voices heard. It could be a further extension of the Get FireFox campaign but more focused on education across different tools instead of just one. (is that too far out there for this?)

If we get over 120 people we will need to find another venue fast, so please think about any possible locations like entire floors that are not occupied but still have active infrastructure (conference rooms, power, cat5 net connection etc…) Did I mention that we need someone to donate the space?

Also, Kristie (my girlfriend) worked out a great deal on what I think is a great location in the area. The After Party will be held at Cafe Royale. Since the size of the crowd is unknown we can not reserve the entire space to us, but we should be ok since they dont get going till later supposedly. In fact, at 8pm they have some live French/Indian folk music. I personally may just end up staying a while…

Keep up on the details of the event via the Web 2.1 Wiki You can also suggest some ideas for content there via TheConversation page Finally, please add your name to the wiki or suggest other information if you are attending.

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