Web 2.1: First Patron Steps Forward!

Just a quick note to let you know things are starting to take shape. Not only have we received a few registrations from people I don’t even know, but we have our first Patron to support the day’s event. My friend Allan Linden is a media and marketing veteran who really gets it. We met at a SVASE event and hit it off right away. He has been extremely busy launching his new company D-BAM which is a Brand Assett Management system for marketing professionals in small to medium sized business as well as large one. Even though they are not ready for a public launch until next month, Allan wanted to lend his support because he believes in the concept of BrainJamming and the importance of sharing knowledge – that people can come together and Jam on some big ideas, sharing their unique experience and contributing to common goals.

At the moment there are approximately 12-15 people confirmed for the event without widespread press coverage – a group of about 40-50 would make me feel like it was a true success – 100 people Jamming would be phenomenal – more than that would be stressful, but welcome. Honestly, I am also ok if it just ends up being a dozen or so people there. You see, I have been thinking about and talking about the rise of the Knowledge Economy for so long now that it just feels great to be doing something with it, trying to make things better. It is just a great feeling to know I am actually contributing to it in some small way and able to demonstrate the power of what the tools can do in the hands of anybody with an idea…

If you have not done so yet, please do go register now for Web 2.1.

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