Katrina: Ideas towards recovery and preparedness

Two fairly big juicy ideas came up today that I think are important enough to do that I would like to seek the support of others to establish properly.

1 – Create a blog/wiki/social network site focused on ideas for rescure, recovery, prevention – as the FEMA chief said, “no ideas are too crazy, everything is on the table” – if Insytes was launched it would be the perfect forum for this, but since it is not I need to find the best platform for doing this at zero to no cost – which do you reccomend?

2 – One further such idea here is to create an onlie system that would allow people to establish safe houses where they could go in the event of a disaster – 20 miles away, 50 miles, 100 miles. 250 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles. Households would volunteer their living space to a far off family and in exchange have a safe place for themselves – a modern version of a telephone tree to be called up in the event of disaster. Ideally everyone would participate, but we need only moderate adoption levels to make it a success. With the global climate change we are experiencing, it may be more of a necessity than I would like to think.


The StarFish Project proposed by Rabbi Marc Gellman is definitely a worthwhile proposition – each church or place of worship can just start doing this now though, there is no need to have an organizing committee to get it going…

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