Back and ready to share…

Well, that epiphany I had about starting to blog for real back in OCT was short lived. I had planned on getting serious with writing, as I have numerous other times in my life, but really have difficulty with just sitting down and writing. It is kind of funny in a sense, sad in another.

Funny because I regularly write emails that consume 2 printed page without so much as a bead of sweat. Sad because all of these years worth of valuable insights and connections with others have been wasted – and really sad because that is just how I feel when thinking about it. Thankfully I have great support from my friends and especially from my girlfriend who are all helping me push through this.

My friends and associates tell me I am fairly bright so perhaps you too will find this out – personally, I feel that sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. Hopefully we will find more of the former together rather than the latter.

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