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My Interview with Clay Shirky

During Web 2.0 Expo I was fortunate to snag a few minutes with Clay Shirky, the author of “Here Comes Everybody” at the Blogger Lounge hosted by The Conversation Group. One of the main issues I wanted to discuss with him was in this world where everyone participates, how do we get more people collaborating together to focus our energies for combined outcomes. Further, what do we do about the world of ‘hostile forks’ where people are working on the same problems but unable to work together due to personality or other conflicts. We also got into the central premise of his book, which he concisely describes here in this video… definitely worth the 10 minutes to watch it/listen to it.

PS – if things work out as we hope, we will be seeing you again for the Bloggers Lounge during the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo’s in NYC, Boston and Germany…

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Chris Heuer Speaks: Web 2.0 Expo 2008 Blogger Lounge

At San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Expo, April 22-25, 2008, Chris Heuer conducted interviews as a host of the Blogtropolus blogger lounge. A list of the interviews Chris conducted can be found below this video of Chris’ interview with Clay Shirky:

Other Interviews:

Ian Bell, Something Simpler System

Ross Mayfield, Socialtext


Charlie, AMD

Jeff Clavier, David Hornik

Chris Brogan

Scott Carroll

Charlene Li

Marc Meyer, BuzzLogic

Brady Forrest, Web 2.0 Expo ++

Daily Web 2.0 Expo Wrap with Rafe Needleman

Greg Goldfarb, Ribbit

Mug shots from Down the Avenue blog.

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