Mustard is Better Then Quechup

First my apologies to anyone who received an email from me inviting me in to join the new network from Quechup.  (which is a decent use of Drupal as far as I can tell)  It was not from me and I feel harmed that any service would do this sort of deceptive mass solicitation without permission, trading on my good name and damaging the trust I have with my friends and colleagues.  It seems a lot of other people fell into this trap too, so I can get past my embarrassment, but not the betrayal I feel.

It seems that the people behind the site is, where Mark Finch is the CEO.  If you received an email from them, or if you had many sent on your behalf, you may want to let Mark  know how you feel about it by emailing him at [email protected]
There is a great discussion about this all going on over at Chris Hambly’s blog.